Friday, January 20, 2012


 The following is from a blog called vegan hope, and well worth sharing.


Get angry, go Vegan.

Last night I got to go the premier of the documentary “Got the Facts on Milk“. The film is fantastic and everyone needs to watch it, and send it to everyone they know. (seriously).
I get lost in my own Vegan amnesia a lot sometimes. I try to remember why I ever thought for ethical or for health reasons that using animals was EVER okay. A lot of propaganda? Addiction? Ignorance? It seems so cut and dry, so simplistic. If we were talking about an animal we all thought was a pet (like a dog) we’d be outraged.
Can you imagine if there was a news story about a farmer collecting dogs, killing the males, selling the males for their flesh, and then raping the females over and over and over again so they can produce large amounts of dairy, in order to feed another species?
We’d all be outraged, we’d be storming the gates of the farm, we’d be marching in Washington.
Things are covered up in our country, in ways that I think I am just beginning to understand. Because the truth is millions of dogs are abused, tortured and killed every year, because some sick people found out that some dogs don’t fight as much (Beagles) so they test cigarettes on them in ways that I can’t even get into, because it is too disturbing to write about. They test makeup and cleaning products on them, they test drugs on them to see the side effects of medications. But we do nothing, we do not storm the gates, we do not know, we stay silent.
If a neighbor was torturing and killing baby piglets in their backyard, anyone would be outraged, horrified and terrified. But because it is done behind closed doors, because people pay someone else to do it, and to package it up, it is all okay. People would call the police about their neighbor, but they will willingly go to a store, and buy piglet flesh because they did not have to see it or kill the pig themselves.
If someone was taking away the oxygen supply of kittens, causing them to gasp for air and suffocate so that they could sell kittens for people to eat, we’d call it horrific and barbaric. But that is what is done to millions of sea animals every single year, and people don’t think twice about it.
Our society totally gets the movie “101 dalmatians” how sick that a woman would torture, abuse beautiful dogs for her own fashion! Even kids understand that, right? But yet people will wear the flesh of cows, and the fur of another animal that was brutally tortured, and not think twice about it, all for the sake of fashion. Meanwhile, showing their kids a disney movie on why it is so bad to be so evil.
Last night I got to meet the author of the book “Why we love Dogs, eat pigs and wear cows”   It is a book I highly recommend that you read.
Sometimes I wish I could go back and talk to my former self, (about a lot of things). But for now, what I want to encourage you to do more than anything, is to get angry. Stop living in the bubble that society has created, it’s not a good bubble, and we can’t make change unless we pop the bubble. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know it all has to start somewhere, and I’m hoping that more people can start with simply getting angry, and saying “no more” don’t let it happen on your watch, and just start.

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