Monday, January 16, 2012

Platinum on the Run

On sunday I decided to head out to the SBAA 12 mile cross country running race to toe the line with Santa Barbara running legends such as Eric Forte, Shiggy Suzuki, The Hammer and MDub.

The course was two 6 mile laps around a very challenging and hilly eling park featuring some gnarly fast open downhills, and some steep punchy climbs.

I went out a fast with the MDUB. The plan initially was to try to play it a little conservative, but I realized quickly if I wanted to have a shot at winning I would have to lay it all on the line. MDUB and I charged from the gate and got a commanding lead by the time we reached the first climb. About 4 miles into the race I started falling off the pace and in a big way. My legs were on fire and I realized that it was going to be everything I could to do to just hold it together. The Hammer and Forte passed me on the long flat section on top of Elings. They slowly began to try to close the gab to Matt, but never quite made it. He won handily in 1:22. Eric cut the course and once he realized his mistake abandoned the race and jogged home. Ben Finished around 126. Shiggy came by me on the second to last climb  looking strong and fresh as different parts of my legs and body were shutting down. I held on and limped it in around 130 for a 5th place overall.

In hindsight I probably would have been better off if I had started a little more moderately (boy if I had a dollar for everytime I wrote that in a race report) but I don't think that is in my nature.


Chester Gillmore: 5th overall 1:30:36

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