Monday, February 27, 2012

Ontario P12 Race report

Typical 6 corner industrial park criterium. Windy on the backside. Over 140 starters including full Jelly Belly Squad and multiple teams with full teams. Race was FAST from the gun, lots of attacks, counter attacks and counter attacks from the teams in front but nothing really stuck. I lost position in first few turns and that was the my race. I tried to move up where I could but found it difficult with that many riders and a pace that never let up the whole race. I never did hit the front.  A crash on the backside of the last lap split the field. I finished towards the back of the first group. Alex Darville, a junior from Santa Barbara took home the "V". A big win considering all the teams out there and the caliber of the race.

SOCAL has some awesome crit riders. My form is coming along little by slowly. This race was a nice kick in the pants


Chester Gillmore:  62

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