Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Looking forward to the first races of the Season

The team has changed a lot this year with many of the P 12 guys moving on to different Elite Masters team over southern California. I stuck with Platinum with my main commitment to the Mountain bike side of things. But as much as I have grown to love mountain biking, I think I am a road racer at heart.
Most of the guys on the road side are motivate Cat 3's who are pretty dedicated to racing. Many of them will be in the 2's before this season is over, but in the mean time it is slim pickings in the team mate arena.

My form is coming along, helped by more consistent training, a lot of time in the hills, and longer weekend rides. I still don't have much of a top end and endurance is weak. Regardless, I am excited to race PKCRR this Sat and then Mothballs the next day. The game plan for most races is to keep an open mind, try not to get dropped, stay focused and concentrated and come out the other side a better bike racer.

A link to the two races is below, hope to see you out there!

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Anonymous said...

How'd the racing go?