Friday, October 19, 2012


I have been toying around with running my first Marathon.

Uncharted territory to say the least.

This first started in July with a vacation to Nantucket, 2 weeks off the bike, 2 weeks worth of awesome injury free running.

Then it gained momentum one afternoon while I was taking thatcher out for his nap jog to relieve Mom and we ran 13.2 miles out of the blue.

I thought to myself, Hmmm I have never run a marathon. I had a few friends who were already toying around with the Idea of training for the SB International Marathon so I thought what they hey.

I haven't been adhering to a strict training plan... just generally running how I feel with emphasis on long weekend runs.

Now we are three weeks out:

Last week I ran 22 mi on the trails and felt great.

Yesterday I did Yassi 800's on the track and felt pretty good (although I think I got dehydrated).

I plan to forge ahead and give it a go. I think I am going to target a 3:10 marathon.

This might be ambitious, but I think its important to set the bar high, and I would be totally stoked to run anything under 3:30.

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