Saturday, March 3, 2012


The next segment brought to us by Brenden Brazier is on Chlorella... Gitcha grind right playa

ChlorellaI could write a book on chlorella! Like maca, it’s easily one of the finest superfoods nature created. Containing more chlorophyll—the alkaline-promoting powerhouse—than any other known plant, chlorella is a freshwater green algae with an amazing growth rate that makes it the fastest growing plant on earth.
Not to be underestimated because of its microscopic size, chlorella packs an impressive punch on many fronts. Chlorella is a strongly alkalizing, complete food that shines as a vitamin and mineral supplement. One of the few plant-based sources of B-12, chlorella is a welcome addition to any vegetarian or vegan diet based on this fact alone.
At whopping 65% protein, chlorella is an incredibly efficient source of protein, possessing 19 amino acids—including all ten essential amino acids—as well as essential fatty acids and a host of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Clean and green, chlorella is being researched as a future alternative to protein farming.
Renowned for its cleansing and detoxifying abilities, chlorella enhances your immune system at a cellular level. I use it as a daily preventative measure to building better health by building a stronger body.
Able to quadruple in a single day, chlorella’s impressive growth rate stems from a compound calledchlorella growth factor (CGF)—combined with nucleic acids (RNA and DNA), the superfood chlorella is a supplement built for healing. Consuming chlorella regularly speeds cell regeneration, enhancing healing, expediting muscle recovery and slowing the signs of aging. The CGF in chlorella stimulates tissue repair, supporting your immune system in times of stress and helping you avoid getting sick. If you choose to take a chlorella supplement, look for one that’s had the cell-walls cracked so your body can digest its goodness. (I use ChlorEssence because it has no additives and has the highest CGF content I’ve found in a chlorella supplement.)

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