Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vail Lake CAT 1 XC race report

This race was no cake walk. With little prior knowledge of the course and no warm up the first of 3 laps on this 8.3 mile circuit was tough to say the least. I got a bad start off the line and with no warm up my legs started siezing up on me on my first lap. I was having trouble linning up the short decents and was in a sprint, brake pattern for the s curves in the middle of the course. Add to that 92 degree temps and it was a reciepie for disater.

As I watched the competition pedal away from my attitude was pretty negative. As I came through that first lap I was offered a water feed. "Water's not going to help me today" I heard myself mutter.

Some deep breathes, re focus. Where am I? Right here. Who am I? This moment.

I was able to break the negative cycle and focus on my breathing one pedal stroke at a time. Letting the breath seep and permeate through my entire body.

BAM back in the game. I started feeling good and found a nice rhythm.

 If I could have rode the first two laps as fast as the last I would have been right there, but that is bike racing for you. I ended up 7th (out of 14 in my class) with a time of 2:15:57

I learned a lot and am stoked for Bonelli park next week!

BIG UPS to the team who had 22 riders out there representing in their usual fashion.

CAT 1 MEN 25-29


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