Monday, August 23, 2010

Need to be here now

I recently deleted my Facebook account. Well, I shouldn't say that because they really don't let you delete it. They just deactivate it and then save ALL of your settings so the next time that you log in it reactivates it. Its a little creepy in a way that they save all of that information.

I decided that it was to big of a time sink in my life and which Facebook on my Android phone it became simply to much. Every time I had even a momentary gap of free time I would instinctively pick up the phone to check out the latest of status feeds. I began to wonder if I could get my blog back up and running again if I took all the scattered fragmented time I spent on face book, even if it was only in 1 - 3 minutes bursts of time and put that back into my blog... Another problem I was having was the feeling like I needed to be here now more. As much as I enjoyed seeing pictures of what all my old friends were up to the reality is that they really are not physically in my life. A lot of time and energy that could be spent focusing of things that are actually present in my life was lost in the ether. I do not think that is a bad think but as my wife points out it seems contrary to what I am about.

Its very very very important to attempt to align your actions with your values, and although this is an exceedingly harder thing then most people realize. At least that has been my experience. We all tend to love to get to claim certain idealistic values such as 'buy local' 'green' 'for the environment' etc, but very very few people truly make a substantial effort to really connect their lives to those... But I digress

I have been training a lot on foot with the hopes of running a 100 miler... Well the real super secret plan was to run a 50miler in order to qualify for western states and then use that to qualify for bad water) but I am just coming off of a foot injury. I might be back to running this week depending on how things go. My training has been consisting of a ton of trail running sprinkled with some beach/ track work outs. The best part about running is getting to hang out with Blue Dog who is just about the best company a guy could hope for.

The foot injury has put me on the bike a lot more in the last couple of weeks, but even through all the running I have been riding. Mostly commuter miles mixed with with some longer weekend rides. I never stay too far away from speed, even in the off season which really helps in gaining back fitness.

The Sailing has also been AWESOME. I have started racing Harbor20's in a one design fleet in Santa Barbara. Thanks to the generosity of my employer. He has two of these boats in the harbor and generally lets me skipper one. I have grown up sailing but never really racing. These last few months on the water I have learned SO much it is incredible. Also, racing sail boats is amazingly fun and what a learning process. The other skippers in our class are very nice and it would seem everyone is committed to learning as much as possible so information flows freely.

I plan on racing cross this year a fair amount. Although I have no real clue what that entails yet. I suppose I would need to obtain a cross bike and then learn how to dismount and run over stuff? But the good news is I hear they let you race in leotards and what not, which definitely bodes well for me. The plan for next season is still in the air. Thing around Platinum have shifted and the focus seems to be geared more towards Masters racing which could leave me mighty shy on team mates, but that is business as usual around Santa Barbara so not much new there.

I'm not really sure what direction this blog will take in the future but as long as I can write consistently I am sure my voice will rise.

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